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Prepare for Viewing

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Here are our top tips for preparing your home for a viewing when selling with Foxwoods. Use these tips as well when preparing for us to take photographs of your home.

First impressions do count

  1. Make sure the exterior of the property is free from rubbish and the garden is tidy.
  2. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and weed the drive. Keep the front of the property as neat as possible.
  3. Remove clutter from the windowsills. Remember, the prospective buyer will notice untidy windowsills as they walk up the front path.

Once you've got the exterior ready, it's time to prepare your property internally

  1. Spring clean. Take out the rubbish. Clean out cupboards and wardrobes. Hire a steam cleaner to remove carpet stains.
  2. De-clutter. Hide the trinkets cluttering the shelves. Remove extra furniture and put it in the garage (or into storage) to make the rooms appear bigger.
  3. Attend to repairs. Broken drawer handles, cupboard doors hanging off their hinges, and missing bathroom or kitchen tiles create of poor first impression.
  4. Paint grubby walls, or those in dark or unusual colours, in light, neutral shades.
  5. Check the plumbing. Prospective buyers often flush the toilet and will notice leaky taps. Make sure you replace washers, if required, and fix the toilet, if needed, before showing anyone round your home.
  6. Check all windows, curtains, and blinds. They should be clean, unbroken, secure, and operate properly.
  7. Check all rugs, lino, and wooden floors. They need to be clean and in good condition.
  8. Check bathrooms. Thoroughly clean the toilet, bath, shower, sink, mirrors, and cabinets. Put a new toilet roll in the holder. Put a clean towels in the bathroom.
  9. Put fresh flowers in as many rooms as possible. You can't beat fresh flowers, but you must make sure they are really fresh.
  10. Replace any burnt out light bulbs. If you're showing prospective buyers round in the evening, remember that soft up-lightng is more flattering than a harsh ceiling light.
  11. Make sure your home smells fresh. Brew coffee, bake bread, and light those scented candles. Avoid air fresheners as they smell too artificial.
  12. Make the beds!

Other important details for readying your house for sale

Ask a neighbour or friend to look after your pets. Not everyone likes pets, and some prospective buyers may even be allergic.

Perform a final inspection of the entire property for appearance and cleanliness.

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